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Does your boyfriend love your fake tanned sheets as much as you do?

Does your boyfriend love your fake tanned sheets as much as you do?

We love the healthy glow that comes with fake tanning, as well as the obvious plus of saving our skin from aging and harmful UV rays. While fake tanning can definitely be a commitment once you get into the hang of things it can be the best thing ever and you will never want to see your former whiter self again.

As any experienced fake tanner knows, with tanning comes a boatload of hassles. Here are some tanning tips we use to make the last chapter of the tan plan a little bit easier.


Dilemmas of a night tanner

While some tanners will choose to apply the tan during the day, others (particularly home tanners)  find it more practical to tan at night for an even deeper finish. For those who choose the latter option, it goes without saying you have experienced the post fake tan application assault on your sheets and pillow cases. We constantly hear comments from fellow tanners like: “I often wonder what happened overnight, it looks like someone was murdered on my sheets” or “I am truly disgusting” or “I just changed my whole bed, now my ill-timed tan means I’ve got to do it again. Sigh.”


You are not alone

As career fake tanners we’ve looked down the barrel of this post tan conundrum on many occasions. So we decided to do something about it. That’s why we developed the Bamboo Sheet Protector and Bamboo Pillow Protector. We are inherently lazy and anything to make life, particularly post fake tanning, hassle free we are super excited about.


Benefits plus!

Finally you don’t have to wake up next to a disgusting imprint of yourself. Made from high quality bamboo cotton fabric, the silky soft After Tan Co Sheet and Pillow Protectors are seriously the BEST. Not only do they feel amazing, they are temperature regulating and anti bacterial meaning that not only do they probably feel better than your current sheets (true in our case) they are machine washable. With press studs lining each side for ease of getting in and out, and king single sizing (so it’s super roomy) this fake tan sleeping pocket is seriously a no brainer.  


The morning-after

We don’t know many people who actually enjoy washing or changing their sheets… And if you’re a regular tanner you’ll understand how inconvenient it is to change the entire bedding every time you tan. With our Bamboo Sheet and Pillow Protector, when you get up in the morning the sheet can easily be removed and washed separately using the cold machine wash, then once dry (the dryer will do) it can be folded/scrunched/rolled and placed back inside the handy bag or cylinder for easy storage.

Say goodbye to a bad night’s sleep post-application and hello to a gorgeous tan with minimal morning-after clean up.

Check out and eliminate your post tanning hassles.


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  1. Ricardo K. December 26, 2021 at 7:37 am - Reply

    I often wondered what other people did to prevent their sheets from being ruined. Thanks for posting about this product!

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