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How to avoid a #faketanfail

How to avoid a #faketanfail

How to avoid a #FAKETANFAIL.

You’re welcome.

Okay, so we all know that fake tanning is almost an art form and takes some serious time and commitment. 95% of the time people seem to be pulling it off BUT we are only human and let’s face it, having at least one #faketanfail is pretty standard these days. So let’s avoid the orang-utan and bring sexy back (but maybe not like this…)


For those who have been blessed with olive or dark skin tone, you will never understand the life of a pale girl.

We are serious, the struggle is real.


All to avoid this reaction as the sun reflects of our white skin and blinds the eyes of onlookers…


So we go to great lengths, but sometimes they don’t always pay off…


That’s where we come in. It’s all about the Tan Plan. So let’s get you ready for a great outcome.


Prepare your canvas. Shower, shave/waxexfoliate and remember NO deodorant or creams before you tan.




Pick your poison wisely. Are you a fan of the spray tan or a DIY job at home with a moussespray or cream?
Make sure you get one that works with your skin tone and application ability.
Sometimes it’s all too hard to apply, or just too damn orange.




Fake tanning is hard enough, but dealing with the day after just adds to the hassle. Even Katy Perry is a victim….


Make this super unglamorous process as painless as possible and ensure you are equipped for the aftermath with Bamboo Collection. With Bamboo Pillow and Sheet Protectors, the perfect fake tan finish is just around the corner. Your bedding no longer needs to wear as much tan as you with this super luxe and affordable After Tan Co Bamboo Collection.

Trust us, we’re all over it.

Tan responsibly your things will thank you.

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