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10 Things Only Fake Tanners Will Understand

10 Things Only Fake Tanners Will Understand

There are some things that, no matter how hard you try to explain to your non-fake tanning friends, they’ll just never quite understand. By deciding to enter into the world of fake tan you decide to become part of an exclusive club with it’s own language and set of unwritten rules which leads to a number of little quirks that only those in the club will ever truly understand. Here at After Tan Co we speak your language so we’ve compiled a little list of scenarios that we’re sure you’ll find amusing all too familiar…



That peculiar walk that occurs after applying fake tan where you hold your arms just a bit away from your body to avoid sweaty pits.



Trying desperately to pat away any moisture in your eyes so you don’t end up with streaks on your face.



When you want to wear sandals but the fake tan on your feet has gotten so patchy that closed shoes are your only option until your finally get around to exfoliating.


When it starts raining right after you apply and you realise you’re trapped inside until it stops.



When you’ve just applied and your partner tries to touch you.



The pain of trying desperately to exfoliate off your faded AFTER tan before you can reapply in time for the next event.



Trying desperately to stop your dog, or your friend’s dog, from jumping up on or licking your freshly tanned legs.




Having to ask family members, partners and/or roommates to help you apply tan to your back.



Waking up to an imprint of your body on your white bed sheets.



Hoping desperately that you don’t bump into anybody in your post-tan outfit.


While we can’t help you with you friends dog or your partners desire to ruin ever tan you apply, we can certainly assist you with those final two points! The After Tan Co Bamboo Pillow and Sheet Protector will ensure you never need to cringe at the state of your bed sheets ever again, while the After Tan Co Maxi Dress will ensure you’ve got a chic little outfit that ticks all the boxes for after tan requirements: loose, breathable, black and with inbuilt padding for a little extra coverage. No more running for cover when you spot someone you know whilst sporting a less than fashionable post-tan ensemble.


We understand that fake tan is more than just part of your event preparation, it’s a lifestyle and at the end of the day it doesn’t matter how many quirks come with tanning, we wouldn’t stop for the world. Go forth and conquer tan fans.

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