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10 Things Only Fake Tanners Will Understand

There are some things that, no matter how hard you try to explain to your non-fake tanning friends, they’ll just never quite understand. By deciding to enter into the world of fake tan you decide to become part of an exclusive club with it’s own language and set of unwritten rules which leads to a … Continue reading 10 Things Only Fake Tanners Will Understand

5 Obscure Fake Tanning Tips

Whether you’re an experienced fake tanner or have just started trawling through the World Wide Web to learn the tricks of the trade you may have noticed something… Every fake tan tips list reads pretty much the same: 1. Shave the day before, 2. Make sure you exfoliate, 3. Be careful when you apply to your … Continue reading 5 Obscure Fake Tanning Tips

A Beginners Guide to Fake Tan

We know that the task of getting your bronze-on in a sun smart way can seem overwhelming. Even if you’re an experienced tanner you’ll know that not all tanning products are created equal. From sprays, to mousses, to lotions to oils, tanning products come in many different forms and it can be difficult to know … Continue reading A Beginners Guide to Fake Tan

Looking after yourself this silly season

It’s that time of year again; when you wonder how on earth it came to be November so quickly and start frantically making Christmas lists so you don’t awkwardly forget to buy something for your favourite Aunty like you did last year… all the while frantically trying to keep up with all the social events … Continue reading Looking after yourself this silly season

10 Tragic Celebrity #faketanfails

The process of achieving a gorgeous and natural-looking glow is fraught with peril. Even the most practiced of self tanners can crumble under pressure when a big event crops up and end up with telltale patches, blotches and streaks which reveal the truth behind their skin-tone. Even celebrities are not immune to the disastrous (and … Continue reading 10 Tragic Celebrity #faketanfails

The 6 Rules For Getting Race Day Ready

Going to multiple days of the races? Worried your tan won’t last and you’ll have to exfoliate head to toe and start again? We certainly hear you, and like us, it’s time you prepped your canvas to make this all important tan last as long as possible. Because, let’s face it, who likes putting on … Continue reading The 6 Rules For Getting Race Day Ready