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About Us

How this started

Sarah Balmer, Founder of After Tan Co


After Tan Co was born from my quest to make what can only be described as a somewhat painful, sometimes hilarious but more often than not, absolutely necessary fake tan application, a little bit easier. I hope you enjoy.

I come from a long line of fake tan enthusiasts. With three younger sisters, and fake tan friendly friends, I have had years of experience tackling the first world challenges that come with fake tanning. With regular at home fake tan applications, and occasional spray tans, I’m certainly not immune to a #faketanfail and have often wondered how to make the whole process a lot easier. After many, many years of fake tanning I would often face the same dilemmas within my Tan Plan.

When it came to fake/spray tanning, the dilemma’s encountered in my Tan Plan were universal issues experienced by the fake tanning community.


First issue: What to wear?

  • Tomorrow is #faketanfriday I have a spray after work and I forgot my change of clothes.
  • I should wear a bra, it’s going to ruin my tan, but I can’t go out like this.
  • I don’t know what to wear, I really don’t want to ruin my tan or clothes
  • I would wear that but I know it’s going to mark really badly and I need something loose and breathable. I have nothing to wear.

It was therefore only natural that the After Tan Co Bamboo padded Maxi dress (for coverage) was conceived. And it’s one of the most comfortable things I’ve ever worn.


Second Issue: Bed time!

In addition to the apparel challenges, I’ve ruined my fair share of good sheets and pillow cases post tan application. I’ve woken up next to an imprint of myself on more than one occasion and have been right royally disgusted with the fake tanned sheets of a morning. Not to mention the hassle of changing the whole bed – clean sheet and pillows – from one fake tanning session. I was overjoyed to find out that I really wasn’t alone. Even Chrissy Teigan was having problems.

Therefore, it made perfect sense that After Tan Night Bamboo Sheet & Pillow Protector became a part of the fake tan plan. The added bonus is that they feel like 1400TC sheets so what was once a really revolting experience is actually a lot more comfortable.